To be or not to be…Sick

That is the question.

I’ve bedridden for almost a week now but am I having the time of my life?

That’s debatable.

Most of my days go about sulking, sleeping, and reading. Obviously the three basic needs for any being. What about eating? You might ponder…well…when you’re sick all the food and eatables you get, seem like vomit, and when that is forced down your throat, the real vomit that had been bubbling inside your stomach gets excited at the prospect of having a new partner, and at that moment you just know that there is no stopping the couple now, thus the newlyweds come out to make their honeymoon…down the drain.

The disease has still not been identified, but it’s some kind of bacterial infection, it can be anything except Typhoid and Malaria, because of the blood test, which the Doctor recommended, came out to be negative. But still, there has been a lot of speculation, from Jaundice to Seasonal Fever to what not.

My family, my school teachers, and my books have supported me a lot and I would like to thank them from my heart.

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