The Emotion of Anger

Anger is caused solely by a misconception.

In my lifetime I have seen many people angry, and this has led me to conduct observations on it (thanks ma).      Let’s imagine a situation when a person gets caught doing something wrong in the other person’s eye, this results in the anger of that person upon the other if he/she comes in the suppression range of the other person.

Now let’s analyze this situation, both of the person’s had their own reasons of doing what they did and the anger which came upon the other person, in this situation, was purely because he/she thought that the other person was wrong. Now what we conclude of this analysis, is that, either the angry person was not able to widen his/her horizons about the activity done by the other or the other person was not able to grasp what the angry one was trying to say. This is a sheer misconception.

Imagine how in this situation if the angry person just transmitted his opinion or grasped the other’s opinion (or visa versa) then there would be no misconception and, thus no anger.

In fact what even are words? They are the mere classification of the various aspects of life or one’s feelings, etc. And they cannot truly comprehend or transmit what we mean. So that’s why misconceptions are created. The solution to this is a way or a device in which people can communicate with each other without using language this would help human beings to truly communicate or learn the ultimate truth of life.

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.

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