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“Sometimes it’s the Journey that tells about your Destnation”

I am still finding my….Destination….that is….the purpose for which I took birth on this planet, and for that to happen I need to make many Journeys, maybe in one of them I will find it.

My school, i.e. Global Indian International School (GIIS), organizes many activities and some of them are out of India also (as it has campuses in abroad too) and one of them is the Real World Challenge Convention (RWCC).

This is organized by the Singapore Campus of Giis, and it includes students from all over Giis Campus. And now coming up to the juicer part, I am selected to participate in this.

I am selected in the Turncoat, and I am full of excitement to go there and win a prize for my school, as my teacher today told me how our campus has not bagged any prize till date. But I will practice as much as I can and give my 100% and maybe this experience can show me the path to the divine, my purpose.

“The only impossible Journey is, the one you never begin”

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  1. dude see you in gd goenka MUN

    • My gratitude is with you and yes I’m really looking forward on seeing you in later MUNs 😀

  2. Pankaj kumar Pankaj kumar

    Very nice keep it up

  3. Sanny Sanny

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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