National Science Conquers Summer Science Camp (2018)

“Success is a science. If have right conditions, you get the results”

NSC Summer Science Camp is a science camp in Shoolni University, in the of city Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This camp is the perfect platform for children who are really inclined towards science, this camp is for students for classes 6th to 12th. To participate in this you first have clear 2 levels of test. 1st one is the online test, which you can only give after creating your account on this website. 2nd level is the project level, which means you have to make a project and create a ppt or video on your project. After that, you just have to wait for the results roll on. You give your test one year before the camp, which means if you are in 6th standard then you may go to the camp in 7th standard.

The camp is worth more than the little amount of money you pay. It is the best place to be for one week during your summer holidays. Also if the teachers think that your participation is excellent and you are interacting¬†with full energy then you maybe get nominated for the ‘Legendary Junior Scientist Award’. But that’s secondary the main thing is the learning or practical learning to be more precise. Here you will learn to have only information is not important but how you use it in your life.

I learned this lesson after attending this camp twice.

Both the time I was the Junior Scientist, getting a tablet for the first time and getting the 1st nomination for the second time. My teachers during this time period were overly talented and experience in diverse fields of science and technology like Aeromodelling, Bio Technologies, Genetic Engineering, Forensic Science, Robotics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Software Development, etc. There were people expert in Dance, Music, Acting and lots and lots of fun. This camp is worth going for everyone between 6th to 12th.


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