My Teachers: S.St

My SST teacher is a new admission to the school, and also she’s my Class Teacher, which is a big honor in itself. The main reason I like her is that she watches GOT and I read GOT, just kidding she is a well-versed teacher in social science and a nice human altogether.

Ma’am if you’re reading this, I always found your surname kinda weird…please do tell me from where that originated from, considering you’re the social science teacher and all…

Let me sprinkle in some anecdotes.

Once it happened that my classmate, heard Ma’am sneeze, so then he exclaimed with instinct, “God Bless You”, which made our monstrous Ma’am laugh out loud.

Honestly, when our wicked Ma’am laughs like a Witch normal human being something happens inside, an uncanny ecstasy descends upon me, which is something observed by all my male classmates.

Lastly, I would like to say that Ms. SST can get really nasty at times but she’s a good faculty member of our school, and I’m proud of you Ma’am.

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