Mist and the Rise of the Dark (Part 3)


Battle With The Cruels

“IT’S MATRON!!”, Henry screamed louder than he ever had in his whole life, he sprinted and ran until he was out of breath, he was standing outside the medical room with no time to spend in being surprised, he entered straight inside, and there stood the matron smiling as if she knew that Henry will come rushing in but Henry ignoring this asked only one question, “what am I?”, “you’ll get to know it soon enough darling”, replied the matron, “NO! I WANT TO KNOW NOW! Everybody is saying ‘soon enough’,”, “well the only thing I can tell you is you are now belonging to the legendary race. You, now my child, are a SUPERBEING” there was silence.

But to violate the silence an alarm went off but the source of the alarm was unknown, “is this a fire alarm?”, asked Henry, “no, it’s coming from my mind, and all super beings can hear it. It is included in one of my powers and it goes off when it senses any member of the Power Force, I should turn it off”, replied the matron and the alarm that Henry was hearing suddenly stopped, “I didn’t understand a word of what you said”, commented Henry, “well, no time to waste go to the ground, everyone will be assembled over there” “okay but promise me that you will tell me everything after this”. Henry then once more ran from there and in the way he saw himself, he was air. It was like his volume was growing every fraction of a second, and he was on the field where he had his P.E classes, but if that wasn’t surprising enough, he was surrounded with a strange group people instead of his classmates.

They had a weird energy around them by which Henry felt stronger, but in between of his observation he felt the most beautiful and soft thing he had ever felt in his life, it gave him tingles in his whole body, she was a girl beyond his imagination and suddenly the name came in his mind, ‘Lindsey’ and as he saw the girls face, her fiery eyes, her blonde hair, her snow-white hands, ‘oh! she is an angel from heaven itself’, thought Henry but then he was startled by a hand on his shoulder, the person with the hand said, “I suppose have met the matron” the person was the most buff man he had seen in his whole life, he had a tattoo on his right hand and ‘Chief’ written on it and an arrow slashed it. Then Henry remembered Mr Fisker mentioning chief in his call and by thinking of Mr Fisker he saw him also among the people.

“What is happening? where are my classmates?”Henry asked from the Cheif “we are expecting a battle, what does it look like smarty-pants?” replied a sweet voice but in a rude way. The voice belonged to the girl. Then the chief said,  “Oh, Henry meet- but” the girl interrupted the chief and then said, no Chief, don’t tell him my name, he is a Powl, I will be dishonoured if he will know my name.”, she ended rudely, “No my darling don’t be so rude, he was a powl but now he belongs to our race” Henry was not able to understand anything but in between he felt the extreme pressure that was making Henry numb.

The clouds came from nowhere to block the shining sun lighting thundered to violate everyone’s peacefulness of mind and then someone roared, “HELLO SUPERBEINGS!” as dark figures landed on the ground. “what do you want Quinnler? why are you all here?”, asked the Chief to the equally buff man as him who appeared with the other dark figures, “oh you know the answer of this question”, said Quinnler in a dark voice which scared the crap out of Henry, “oh, you don’t stand a chance against us, I have trained my team and, we have him, Hagusta’s incarnation” said the Chief by keeping his hand proudly on Henry’s shoulder, “oh really?”, asked Quinnler and a shocked look on his face, “yep”, said the Chief, “so, kid what’s your powers?”, asked Quinnler, “I can change my molecules into gas”, replied Henry, “then why don’t you go to toilet, I don’t want to smell your ‘gas’, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”, normally Henry would have been quiet and he would have ignored the rude comment but he did heavily how a jolt of anger made him attack the buff man. In less than a fraction of second Henry landed 1000 punches on the bald man’s head which left a punch mark as Henry landed on the ground breathing heavily he saw his fist, it was violet. Just as Newton’s 2nd law mentioned that every action has a reaction, Henry saw the reaction of his action, a punch which appeared faster than light before passing out.





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