Mist and the Rise of Dark (Part 1)



Pain, pain is what caused a hero to be born. Power, power is what caused a legend to become legendary.


Henry Cooper an orphan was bored in his bed of his St. Xavier’s Orphanage at midnight. For some reason, he was not able to sleep. He thought to go for a stroll. Living in Pondicherry, he turned 12 the preceding month. He was stepping down through the stairway to the ground floor when he heard something on the first floor. He rushed to the floor balcony. He heard whimpering but before he could investigate two men who wore black masks most likely thieves threw him down the floor balcony. He was roughly bruised; he was not able to see, he crawled over and over until he was somewhere concrete but with a sudden movement, probably caused by a mouse, he leapt forwards and everything he remembered was pain, so much pain that he felt like someone was shredding him with a knife, and then unexpectedly he saw a man and a woman holding hands and a brave look on their face, they were handsome and looked much like Henry, he also saw a very muscular hand holding a knife and suddenly everything went bloody red, and by seeing this Henry’s head hurt so much that it seemed like someone had cut his brain into hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pieces and the banging them up with a hammer weighed a hundred metric ton.




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