Importance of pH in Water

“Nothing is more soft and flexible than water yet no one can resist it”


pH or Power of Hydrogen is a phenomenon used to determine if a substance is acidic, basic or neutral. Substances are mainly categorized into three broad types – Acids, Bases, and Salt. Ever wonder why lemon juice is so sour? Or why bitter gourd (Karela) is so bitter?

This is because lemon contains Acid and bitter gourd contains Base. What about Salts? Salts are the products form when Acids react with Bases. Coming back to pH now that we understood Acids and Bases. Substances called Indicators detect pH. These Indicators detect acids and bases by giving color; one Indicator is always found in a household, i.e. turmeric (haldi). Scientist use Litmus, obtained from lichens, as an Indicator.

Well, now you may be wondering if water is acidic or basic? It neither is acidic nor basic; at least water from an RO is neutral. If your water doesn’t have the pH 7, then something is really wrong with your drinking water, imagine drinking acidic or basic water, this will seriously hamper one’s health by causing diseases like Cholera, Typhoid or Tuberculosis.

It advisable to drink RO purified water because it not only purifies water, kill germs, sets the pH to normal, but adds many essential minerals needed for our body.


“Thousands have lived without love, not one has lived without water”


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