Gratitude of the Providence

It was a dull evening when the incident occurred.

I was returning back from an extra class provided by my coaching center, it is actually a prominent brand called BYJU’S LEARNING CLASSES, I had somehow reached to the Cross Street of 71, (इकहत्तर का चौराहा) by walking or taking a lift from an Auto. I wanted to reach home as soon as possible ’cause in an action of excessive smug and brash I agreed to study Maths for a straight up full 5 hours, this had drained me of juice, in fact, I think it had even broken the juicer. So I was coming from the coaching, and when I reached the cross street (which was and always will be in a rush and be prone to accidents) I could see some kids, and by that I mean the roadside kids or the unfortunate and poor kids, from a distance. There were two kids, one was a girl about 5 or 6 the other was an older boy of maybe 7 or 8, both were panic-stricken and the girl seemed horrified and helpless, the same was with the boy but less. When I neared them I saw an adult also but turns out he was another kid about the same or older age than me, sitting there with a cold and stern expression on his face. As I approached even nearer, the oldest of the trio went away and then suddenly I witnessed it, a huge hole in between the footpath, inside which was another boy, the same age that of the girl, also panic-stricken and miserable. He was trying his best to get out by grabbing the roots of plants and the older boy was even trying to help him but because of his weak body, no luck. Then suddenly the older boy grabbed the younger boy’s hand and tried to pull him up by all his might and for a second I thought he’d got him but the older one also fell into the pit. Now the girl was shocked and cold as if she’s just had a heart attack after she came back to life, she ran around the pit with a look of panic on her face. The boy tried pretty hard to get out but was also not successful. I meanwhile was standing at a little distance apart, watching their recreation, the whole play was being recorded in my brain and deeply touching my soul, I was feeling less and something stopped me to approach them, I don’t what it was but my guess was that it was shame which restrained me to help them. Inside the pit, the older boy was scowling at the later, as if blaming all the actions on him and I think that he would have hit the smaller boy if he hadn’t noticed me and as soon as he did, happiness was bursting out of me and I could almost feel blissfulness setting in. And even before the boy could plead me to help him I went ahead reflexively, struggling from my restraint, but as soon as I touched the soil laden hand of the boys, it seemed as if I kicked something which was there in me for a long period of time. I rescued the boys out of the hole and then one of the most learning and ecstatic instances of my life occurred: the smaller boy took one of my hand into his smaller and as if to show his gratitude bowed in front of me, I will not be able to write or express the feeling or perspective that followed inside me. It was like God himself was showing gratitude

After that incident, I feel entirely changed. That is why I felt to mention it.



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