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Diwali (yay!)

Diwali is the festival of lights, it is a time when one forgets about everything and does what everyone should ultimately do,  celebrate. So thereby I dedicate a poem to this astounding tercentenary :-

Lights – Camera – Action,

It’s Diwali, the festival of satisfaction.

The Happiness is in air,

Smiles of delight are everywhere.

This festival is the gratitude to Our health,

Our family, Our wealth,

Our friends,

And the Grace of GOD which never ends.

But this Day of Bliss is incomplete,

Without one aspect of it,

Crackers!!! the obnoxious beings.

The annoying, tiresome and pesky things,

Which deprive the Earth of it’s luxuries,

That is why we should celebrate this Twilight without the craker-ies.

And by my very Existence I wish all of you, be it Ram or Ali,

A very Ecstatic and Happy Diwali!!!

😇 😄 😌


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