A Slave’s Gratitude

Paduk had seen many kings, but none were as cruel as this one.

Paduk’s people were called the free people and Paduk itself meant the free city, but not anymore.

The free people became slaves and the Kingdom became an empire, of the cruelest of the cruel, Sinear. Sinear succeeded the Throne from his gentle father, Rinear. Sinear, by then he had a son of his own and his name was name was Ninear.

When Ninear was born Sinear, he was only a Prince, so he had to appoint a Slave to assist the newborn’s mother, as per the custom. And Sinear surprised everyone by choosing the most illiterate person in the whole Kingdom, called Missi. His father criticised him for his decision but then, Sinear was a cunning individual and he knew that Missi was the man for this job because he had father 28 sons and 9 daughters and none of them had died and furthermore he was just 30. Obviously Sinear was impressed by the record when he heard about it. Although, only knew the truth, he actually fathered so many children, so that he didn’t need to work much and let his ‘army’ take care of him. Eventually, people came to know about his objectives, which was not very pleasant for Missi. His marriage broke, his kids despised him, you know the usual stuff.

Not too long after, Ninear began schooling and he turned out to be a bright student. Sinear was very proud of him. Then, Rinear died (which was rumored to be staged by Sinear) and Sinear became the king. He got blinded by the infinite possibilities of ruling an empire and started misusing his power.

So one day the king called Missi (who was still serving the king because of his dedication and loyalty). Upon his arrival he saw Ninear sitting beside his father. From the look on Sinear’s face he looked inebriated, by breaking the silence, Sinear said, “Do you know what the five elements of the universe are?” Missi was bewildered and said, “No Sire” meekly. “I am giving you today’s time to study about this topic then tell me what it is and why it is so and then you have to discuss it with my son, if I see any sign of inconfidence, you along with your family will be executed. NOW GO!” Missi was abashed. What would he do now?

After 2 days Missi came with dark circles under his eyes and a tired look, caused by aggressive study, “Tell me” commanded the King, “Yes m’lord” and so the slave began, “In the ages before our ancestors…”. He finished after an hour of explanation, the Prince seemed impressed but the king had the same old drunken look.The discussion was also very fruitful and the ministers of the king were also surprised on seeing and hearing Missi’s explanation.Then out of the blue, the king ordered Missi to learn another new topic and do a conversation with the prince.

This continued in a similar fashion for years and Missi was now starting to be considered as an outstanding scholar instead of a good for nothing pig. This transformation surprised even Missi himself.

Then one day a neighbouring Kingdom attacked the kingdom of Paduk, slew Sinear in a battle and crowned himself as the king. Most people celebrated but not Missi. He was kind of devastated, for he had started to enjoy the process of learning which Sinear made him indulge in. So he ventured far and wide to search for Ninear and his Mother. But he found nothing, so he concluded that they must’ve fled to an alley of his father (because he didn’t want to think otherwise).

Consecutively, one day there was a knock on his door, so Missi opened it, and two very familiar individuals stared right at him, they were covered in dust, and brackish dirt and they also carried wrapped object with them, and Missi recognized them. They were Ninear and his mother.

They told him everything, from how nobody accepted them and provided refuge, to how hungry they were. They also told him about Sinear, they were not able to afford the cremation, so they carried the decaying body with them.

Missi was in tears. He went towards the body, he still carried is integrated look in him.

“Thank you m’lord” he paused to observe the late King. “Thank you, for everything you did for me, I used to be made fun of, and now I am looked and seen by reverence, even the new King respects me. People who knew me, hardly to recognise me, my children see me as a Father rather than a loser, all this is because of you, all because of you” and then he cried his heart off.

This is how a Slave’s gratitude provided the king with redemption. His soul became free and his Karma dissolved. Sinear was liberated by the gratitude given to him for his unjust behaviour.

All the difference can be made, if you imbibe Wrath as Worship, and Cruelty as Care.

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