A Mosquito To Heaven

Mosquitoes are a pain in the…well…the anal region😝.

If there’s an organism on this planet who deserves my wrath, it’s them. So here’s a freakin’ poem filled with hatred towards this beautifully annoying, puny little, ugly, blood-sucking monsters. ENJOY!!!🥴

Sara was young , but her time had come.

It was the long summer, which dwindled their sum.

Diethyltoluamide or DEET was in the air, they were on high alert.

Sara launched herself from the gutter. She saw a boy with a T-Shirt.

“Penetrate the ankle, I’ll try for the hand, OVER”,

O! The Blood! The Red and Beautiful Blood! It drove her.

On the ankle, she landed, “Target locked! Ready for insertion!”

“And NOW!”, Captain screamed. She focused her ‘pipe’ with all concentration.

The ‘pipe’ began squeezing, Sara’s abdomen began filling with Red.

Suddenly a smack!

Poor Sara Mosquito, went to heaven, for she didn’t Bled even in her death Bed.

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