A Journey Through History (part 9)

He scanned him searching for something, and he found it, hope.

Bambard now felt a bit relieved, he thought about all that had happened in the last week…

“Papa, I too want to come with you to the battlefield”, demanded Megha, “I am old enough now”, “You will my child, but not now”, this was her father, Bambard, “Noo! I’m not buying it, I wanna go!”, “Hmm, you know what, fine, if you prove yourself to be worthy, after I return, I’ll think about it”, “Really? You are the best father in the whole world!!”, exclaimed Megha, “Now, Now, don’t get too excited, you have to prove yourself first”,”Oh daddy…Get ready to be amazed. Oh yeah, also, take care of yourself and don’t get killed, will you?”

Bambard comes late at evening, with the mighty Sultan on his back. After escorting the Sultan, he moves to his stable. On reaching he doesn’t find Megha there and so he immediately realises that she’s up-to something.

Without even calling her, he sits comfortably in the stable, as if preparing for show. 
In a distance he can see something coming to him, a sanstorm? Not possible, there’s no sand. When his vision clarifies, he sees many of his horse friends, “Maru? Bubbly? Bitti?  What are you all doing here…and what’s up with those…equpmints?”, he exclaimes, obviously startled on seeing his friends at such time, dragging and carrying some tools on their hooves and backs.

In a distance he also sees a tall object…Megha is standing on it…

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