A Journey Through History (part 11)

It swooped past Bambard like wind, the Donkey was running uncontrollably fast and fear was clear in it's eyes, it was also braying very loudly maddening everyone around. Bambard then saw two soldiers appear, chasing the animal, then suddenly it all came to a halt, Megha had interrupted between the Donkey and the guards, and then all the horses, Bubbly, Bitti, Maru, and Shri joined her, letting them handle the guards, Megha dashed in the direction of the Donkey, Bambard quietly followed behind, the Donkey led Megha to the far corner of the settlement where the Donkey Stable was located, there she heard loud braying, and soon they found out that a Donkey was about to give birth and this female seemed to be the mother of the one running around.

Finally everything became clear to Bambard, but there was no time to waste, and before Bambard could think of anything, Megha started neighing loudly, as if trying to attract attention, and sure enough some guards came running and after seeing the female's condition went to call for a nurse. Megha then started to comfort the Mother by licking her which helped a lot. Soon enough the nurse appeared and treated the Donkey.

Megha went back and saw her father in a distance, smiling proudly at her, "My whole plan got wasted, but even if you don't take me to the battlefield it's fine with me, at least I was able to save that Donkey's life", Megha said, disappointed, "That is what one does in a battlefield, my child, we are trained for years and years for this only, and it seems you have this quality gifted to you" , "What Quality? Papa", "The quality of saving a soul, the quality of a Warrier".

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