A Journey Through History (part 10)

Shri?¬†What are you doing here? And Megha what are you doing on his back? Shri was the strongest horse in the ownership of the Sultan and everyone respected him greatly. Bambard was surprised, and just as he was processing what was before his eyes, Megha jumped, and landed on the ground, just a few feets away from Bambard, “We are gonna Horse Fight and I am going to win”, firmly said Megha, almost with authority, “Don’t take it too far Megha, prooving yourself doesn’t mean engrossing in a fight”, Bambard said, “You’ll see Father, You’ll see”, after saying this Megha sprang and landed just opposite of Shri,”Give me all you got”, and the fight began

Shri charged with all his might, and came towards Megha, propelling and kicking his limbs, Megha waited searching for an opportunity,then she stood upright and as Shri appeared, she jumped by the support of his limbs and head. Shri was taken aback. Bambard wondered where she learnt that. Everyone gazed at Megha as she elegantly trotted towards Shri, who was still surprised, “You’re one tough girl”, exclaimed Shri.

Now it was Megha’s turn to charge and as she approached Shri, she noticed that he’s just standing there not doing anything, she immediately knew that he had something up his sleeve. So she stopped just a little away from him, expecting that he wouldn’t be taken off-guard. Shri didn’t flinch and just as he got his opportunity, he began kicking swiftly, but not one kick landed on Megha as she dodged every attack. Now it was clear that Megha was not inexperienced and everybody was impressed with her on defeating Shri the mightiest horse in possession of the Sultan but Bambard was not satisfied and his face exactly told that when Megha looked at him with pride and after their short glance at each other, Megha began to fear that his Father’d not select her. She then performed her last show, Acrobatics. It was for this only that she and with all her friends made those equipments. She flew through loops, landed excellently, but all this wasn’t¬†gonna make Bambard select her.

Then suddenly a bray was heard and everyone immediately knew who this was, a Donkey.

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