A Journey in History (Part 8)

“Goddess of Gold, Daughter of Wealth”

“Energy of Life, Embodiment of Ecstasy”

It was very harsh for Bambard, the horse, he didn’t wanted to walk any further, it was not that he felt tired or something, he felt fine, infact, he felt healthy and fit but an emotion was gripping him, it was crippling him, fear. He looked at the horses who accompanied him, most importantly he searched for only one horse, Megha, his daughter and she was nowhere to be seen. It was as he expected, nowhere to be found. How could he? As she was . . . giving birth . . . to a colt (young male horse). His Warrier became a Mother. “She’ll survive Bambu, don’t sweat it”.

The Sultan observed his horse and Jalopy, Bambard, he seemed depressed,”why are you so grim?”



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