A Journey in History (Part 2)

One child, in particular, was drained of his sleep, so to pass the time he, imagined. Just like people in today’s time watch televisions or read a book and enter the world of imagination, he did this to sleep. He thought it was quite fun and entertaining. He imagined a world beyond his home, he perceived something he had not seen, he imagined about wars, swords clanking to each other, blood, slaughter, then he imagined a tree full of green leaves and fruits which he had never seen, he himself was eating them and then sowing them, the new life was growing when he saw the old tree lost all it’s leaves and died. From the new trees, the kids were plucking fruits and eating delightfully. He then lifted himself up and saw the new trees becoming old and dying, the next generation of trees flourishing, then dying. He should’ve been surprised and confused at the same time, as his imagination was not in his control, but he had something else in his mind, he thought,”what is the point of all this? Humans take birth then die, I’ve taken birth and I’ll die, Grandpa took birth then died, what should one do in life, if one shall die at the last”. After this interlude, he opened his eyes then closed them, then opened them again, just laid there not thinking anything, he saw himself laying there. He thought of nothing, did nothing, which is quite impossible to do, try it yourself! He was awake, fully awake, so much so that he’ll remember every second of it. After this state of awakening, he realised that all memories he has of his childhood are those in which he thought of nothing, like playing Gulli danda, (ball and stick) when he played he thought of nothing, or when he played with animals in the forest, which by the way he loved. Eventually, he fell asleep joyfully.


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