A Journey in History (Part 1)

The sun was setting. The night was falling. The birds gathered up their younglings. The Nightingale sang a song. The Robin mourned over her offspring who had fallen out of the nest, and now two crows were tormenting him, impatiently waiting for his death. It was the end of the monsoon season as God had no tears left to shed for the wellbeing of humanity. Everything and everyone was quiet and peaceful, the only noise made was by the Crows, even the little Robin baby respected the peacefulness of nature and kept quiet, even after being tormented to death, a little life source was left in him, he was beginning to realise it and a certain state of blissfulness was also beginning to show itself. Alas! It came, the bird shed his body and dissolved into nature. The crows after waiting or so long got what they wanted and cherished it delightfully, the Robin gazed upon the sky, as if searching for her son.

Dusk finally came. The fire was extinguished in the nearby settlement, the children and the women went to sleep, the men stayed behind guarding their homes but eventually fell asleep. One child, in particular, was drained of his sleep he didn’t know why, so to pass the time he…


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