Mist and the Rise of the Dark (Part 2)

Chapter 2


When he woke up, he was in the medical room. He only remembered the pain. When the matron saw him, she asked him if he was okay.

Henry assured her that he was okay and when he asked about what happened yesterday, she became very serious and said, “You are not ready to know yet”. Henry became very suspicious when he noticed that no bandages were wrapped where the wounds were but then he forgot his suspicion when he saw his watch, he was 13 minutes late for his ‘Death Class’ (Math Class) and he was afraid of being late for his class because the teacher was Mr Fisker. And don’t go on his stupid name because the last time Henry was late he made him hold the monkey bar for one whole day, fortunately, Henry has a strange superpower of enduring very harsh punishments, although Mr Fisker never gives these harsh punishments to other students, just normal ones like standing outside class and making them Murga (cock making, it’s a kind of punishment that Indian teachers use on students to make them successful in their future career by creating fear of the teacher, so that they study). And after remembering his last punishment Henry sprinted as fast as a Cheetah hunting a Deer, at that time he wished that he can have super speed.

Then for a moment he felt as light as air and, poof, he was outside the Math class door he thought, ‘do I really have super speed?’ but he ignored that thought and dashed into the class surprising all the students and Mr Fisker, “oh, hello Mr Cooper you are exactly 13 minutes and 56 seconds late”, said Mr. Fisker while taking a look at his watch, “But I forgive you because of the recent events, please take your seat” hearing this Henry gave a sigh of relief and took his seat, Mr Fisker then continued with his lesson, “so, where was I, yes, Proportion is two equal Ratio compared and Ratio is two equal digits compared…”Henry on hearing the teacher go on and on about something he is not interested in, felt very frustrated, he instead tried to focus (daydream) on what happened last night but on remembering those faces his body pained. He tried rebel the pain by anger but the pain doubled up and he felt like something inside him was torturing him, it was horrible but he was brought back his senses by the yelling of his Math teacher. “Henry! Henry! Listen to me, you idiot! HENRY!” “Y-yes sir” squeaked Henry after being brought to his senses, “go to the matron now!” “But why sir?” asked Henry “you will know it soon enough” replied Mr Fisker, “your eyes have turned purple” whispered Henry’s partner “WHAT” exclaimed Henry. By hearing what his partner said he instantaneously sprinted towards the medical room. The room was on ninth floor but once more he felt lighter and he was outside the door, ignoring the muffled footsteps he heard, Henry entered the room and there stood the matron talking to herself, she was rather shocked and did not expect Henry there, “aaa, excuse me, ma’am, umm, I think my eyes –”, “oh no you should not be here go to your class now!!!!” the matron interrupted in a rush “umm, okay–”, Henry did not even finish his whole sentence when the matron pushed him out of the room. He then went to the corridor where his ‘death class’ was going on.


When he entered the class he was shocked by what he saw, two men with covered faces were holding guns, ‘could those footsteps I heard belonged to these two men who are surely robbers?’ thought Henry but one of the robbers intervened his thoughts, he ran towards him, grabbed him and pulled a gun on his head “GIVE IT NOW OR I’LL SLAUGHTER HIM” ordered the crook to Mr Fisker, who looked brave until hearing upon what he said and even looked terrified but somehow confidence came in him and then he said calmly, “I do not know the location, please let go of the boy”. “Call your Chief! NOW! or all the children present in this room will DIE!!”, ordered the crooks, “ Okay, Okay! just don’t hurt anybody”, said Mr Fisker, then he fumbled with his phone and quickly dialled the ‘Chief’s’ number, “DON’T YOU DARE TO TAKE OUR NAMES OR ELSE”, warned the man holding Henry. The call got picked up, “Hello sir, can you do a favour, sir can you please come on the fourth floor, it’s argent, yes Chief, I see, are you sure sir that I shouldn’t use it, oh right it’s a test for him and you can see it from the EH. Okay Chief, thank you”, Mr Fisker hung up the call, pocketed his phone and just stared at Henry with disbelief. Henry was just confused now, a guy was holding a gun to his head, he moves he dies and no one was calling the police and all this was making Henry feel weird but this feeling was just divine, it was a feeling of pride, it was the feeling of control over the absolute anger developing inside him. He felt power flaring up inside him. He then automatically recalled those faces and then the screen going blood red and then suddenly with the speed a jolt of lightning, transferring all the pain in his hand and converting it into power he punched the guy holding him.


No one was able to see what happened and the man laid unconscious, Henry when noticed his arm was shocked to see that it was purple, and then something happened as if a signal got in his brain and he kicked off something. It was a bullet fired from the other guy’s gun and then, BAM, the other guy also laid unconscious but then everything came back to him and everything went black. Henry then opened his eyes, “Am I in heaven?”, asked Henry, “ you can say that but actually you are in the medical room” replied a soft, gentle but familiar voice, “There are medical rooms in heaven?”, he asked, “oh no darling you were not hit by the bullet remember  me the Matron”, replied the matron, “how the hell a person can dodge a bullet”, Henry said as he got up from his bed, “Super Beings can”, replied the matron in a calm voice, “what?”, “Oh never mind, first tell me what happened in your math class?”, Henry narrated the whole story. Then the matron muttered something about meeting the Chief and then she said, “you, Henry are very brave, go to your room and don’t tell anyone about what happened, and come here as soon as you wake up, it’s almost night”, “but-”,Henry asked but was interrupted by the matron, “don’t worry you’ll understand tomorrow.”  


Henry walked towards room number 2, where he slept with his roommates and classmates – John and Raghu. He didn’t talk to them much because he liked being alone. He knew that those two would probably be talking about him. Not about how great he was by saving them but about how it could’ve have happened by chance.His roommates always liked to tease him because of his poor performance in everything except science but not in class but in fixing alarm clocks, Henry uses to fix alarm clocks to earn money. It was just an undiscovered talent that he was good with machines. So Henry just focused on walking, he reached his room and upon entering he saw both John and Raghu in between of a heated argument. It was about how matron (who is always very nice with Henry) hired two men who acted as if Henry was beating them to make him feel special and cheer him up because he was very lonely more nowadays. Henry ignored them and walked right between them leaving them to grin in silence.

He then went to his bed and recalled everything that had happened to him yesterday. ‘That day he was going down the ground floor to take a stroll when he heard whimpering, can it be of a student?, he went ahead to check on the 1st floor balcony and then, the robbers, were the same ones who came to his Math class?, the Matron also was behaving suspiciously can it be that she knew something about all this?, has he gotten super Powers?’ this was his last thought of the day and then he dived into a deep slumber.



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